Emmanuel Bible College is a denominational college that has become inter-denominational. Originally sponsored by the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, Emmanuel has always opened its doors to students of all evangelical orientations. EBC has signed covenants with the Congregational Christian Churches of Canada and the United Brethren Churches in Canada, officially recognizing a long-standing working relationship. Over 30 denominations are represented annually in our student body. They hold in common a personal belief and experience in Jesus Christ, with a desire to learn the Word of God and prepare for Christian service.

A high percentage of degree program graduates have been appointed to pastorates, to cross-cultural service, and to a variety of responsible service positions within churches and other ministry organizations. Others have continued their studies in seminaries or with advanced standing in university programs. Diploma and certificate program graduates provide strong lay leadership in a variety of Christian ministry settings, having entered the secular workplace directly or after additional post-EBC education. The College cites with pride about 2,000 alumni who are a strong influence for God and do good throughout the world.