Core Values

We value the development of character, knowledge and skill it takes to become effective disciples and leaders of the faith in the church and in the world. EBC has four core organizational values that are crucial to our identity and function:

Think – Biblical Education

  • We value programs and classes based on scripture
  • We value all education that is anchored to the cross
  • We value the Bible as the key focus to our education and training
  • We value scripture, which affects all aspects of the college
  • We value the integration of theory and practice

Live – Development of the Whole Person

  • We value the development of the whole person: the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of the student
  • We value theological education as a transforming experience to all aspects of a person’s life
  • We value living a life that glorifies God through the development of biblical character

Serve – Evangelism/Multiplication – Missions

  • We value education that is relevant to our constituency and is conscious of the broader global context
  • We value the multiplication of leaders
  • We value an attitude of evangelism that seeks to share the love and knowledge of Christ with others
  • We value portraying God’s grace to the world

Lead – Community and Church Life

  • We value Christian community and the relationships within it
  • We value the Church as part of that community
  • We value the uniqueness of each individual in the community
  • We value being beacons of Light
  • We value being active and visible to the world
  • We value students being catalysts of grace in their contexts

As a school we value living by faith, trusting God, learning in community, striving for excellence, being a resource to the church and Christian community, missions, multiplication of leaders and ministry partnerships. We value and strive for excellence in biblical and theological education.