Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

Distance Education

Distance Education Course List 

  • (See Course Descriptions and Textbook Info in pdf doucments found on links under the Costs section.)

Biblical Studies

  • BO111BC Old Testament I
  • BO112BC Old Testament II
  • BO213BC Wisdom & Songs of Israel
  • BO364BC Isaiah
  • BN111BC New Testament I
  • BN112BC New Testament II
  • BN212BC Pauline Epistles
  • BN366AC Romans 
  • BI210BC Interpretation & Application of the Biblical Text
  • BT210BC Introduction to Theology
  • BT321BC Old Testament Theology

Professional Studies (See also the KEEN courses below labelled CM)

  • CM111BC Spiritual Formation
  •  IS111AC Introduction to Global Christianity
  •  IS211AC Theology of Mission
  • PS391AC Philosophy of Ministry

General Studies (See also the KEEN courses below labelled GA, GH, GL, GP)

  • GH210AC Introduction to Church History
  • GL131AC Introduction to Communication
  • GS110AC  Anthropology
  • GS111AC Sociology
  • GS121BC Psychology
  • GS221AC Theories of Counselling
  • FE100AC Field Education & Ministry Preparation (1-credit course; cost: $330)

KEEN On-line Courses

  • CM112AK  Introduction to Leadership
  • CM114AK  Basic Accounting
  • CM228AK  Teams and the Work Process
  • CM231AK  Biblical & Historical Foundations of Worship 1
  • CM233AK  Biblical & Historical Foundations of Worship 2
  • CM389AK  Entrepreneurship
  • GA130AK  Survey of English Literature
  • GH232AK  History of Music in Worship
  • GL210AK  Structure of the English Language (TESL)
  • GL211AK  Theories of Second Language Acquisition
  • GL234AK  Linguistics
  • GL350AK  College Level TESL
  • GP211AK Philosophy