Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

Mountain Top

Co-ordinator: Stephen Roy


MountainTop is a program for personal spiritual enrichment. The program may be taken in a full-time cohort over one academic year or part-time over a longer period. Students may complete up to half of their required course work through Distance Education. For some students this program may provide the all-important spiritual foundation they are seeking, a time of renewal, refocusing and recommitment. For others, this program may provide a year of intense study and spiritual development before embarking on another EBC program of study or a career path.


The student who completes the program should:

  1. Love God passionately and serve God faithfully
  2. Gain a working knowledge of biblical content
  3. Study and explain the scriptures
  4. Live ethically by scriptural standards
  5. Commit to a life of Christian discipleship
  6. Participate in the life of the church
  7. Develop a solid platform to continue studies at the college or elsewhere


Career Paths

Students graduating from this program go on to further education in a variety of colleges and universities, become more involved in ministry in their local churches or church agencies, or move into other Emmanuel programs. Transfer credits to other schools are awarded at the discretion of the receiving institution. 


  • Admission to and continuance in this program is at the discretion of the program co-ordinator and the college admissions committee. Supporting documents, including a completed program questionnaire and additional references, may be required.


Required Courses
Division Course
Bible and Theology  Old Testament Survey 3
New Testament Survey 3
Bible Foundations 3
Bible Study Skills 3
Professional Studies   Personal Discipleship 3
Missional Discipleship 3
Free Electives Elective (x4) 12
Field Education   Field Education and Ministry Preparation 1
Field Education 1

The program consists of 12 hours Bible & Theology, 6 hours Professional Studies, 12 hours Electives, and 2 Field Education credits.

OSL Default Rate: 2014, 0%

Please note:

  • Students continuing their educatio beyond the first year should pay attention to course requirements in other Diploma and Degree programs.  First year courses required in other programs that could be taken as electives in the MountainTop program include Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Introduction to Communication, Ethics, and Interpersonal and Helping Skills.  

Program Graduation Rate: 2016, 66.6%