Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.


Division of Professional Studies


Professional Studies, with four main subdivisions, deals with practical knowledge and specific skills which, integrated with Biblical Studies, General Studies, and Field Education, ensure that the student has a well-rounded education and is capable of serving in a variety of ministries.

PS391AA Philosophy of Ministry
A guided self- and group- study of the biblical and philosophical foundations of ministry with emphasis upon each student developing a personal and practical philosophy. Students are guided not only to a general philosophy, but also to a specialized understanding relating to their particular program. Applies to each professional studies subdivision. (Available only in final year
or by permission of instructor.)


Christian Ministries

Christian Ministries courses help to prepare the student for effective service and ministry within the local church, either in lay leadership or in pastoral ministry.

CM110BA Introduction to Youth & Family Ministry
A general overview of the various components of youth ministry. Students will begin to develop a biblical philosophy of youth ministry as well as learn principles and methods for ministering to youth and their families in a variety of settings.  The goal of this course is to help students understand the components of your ministry and how to implement ministry strategies in their individual context. 

CM112BA Introduction to Leadership
Engages students in the acquisition of information about historical and contemporary theories, concepts, and issues associated with leadership.  Includes an examination of a theology of leadership.  

CM115AA Introduction to Human Services
An introduction to the history and theory underlying the development of human services professions; presents the nature and context of agency practice with diverse groups of populations and will assist students to form personalized career plans.  

CM116AA Personal Discipleship
Introduces the personal and corporate dimensions of discipleship. Examines spiritual disciplines such as Bible Study, worship, and prayer.  Includes expierential practices of discipleship.  

CM117AA Missional Discipleship
Explores the worldwide and practical implications of discipleship.  The mission of God, global trends and realities, evangelism, holistic ministry, poverty and justice are covered.  Includes a practical cross-cultural mission experience.  

CM222BA Interpersonal & Helping Skills
An introduction to foundational skills related to effective interpersonal and helping relationships.  Basic skills and techniques such as tuning in, active listening, probing, summarizing, responding with empathy, challenging, goal-setting, and referring are explored.  

CM223AA Introduction to Worship and Music
A biblical and historical study of worship and styles of worship, while also offering practical skills for planning, leading, and living worship.  Opportunity is given for observing worship services and leading worship, and students are required to develop a personal philosophy of worship. 

CM229AA Worship Leadership
A practical exploration of the various dynamics of leading corporate worship.  Student will become conversant with the building blocks (content, structure, and style) of forporate worship and how corporate worship shapes and forms disciples of Jesus.  Students will be given opportunities to lead worship in the classroom following a variety of patterns and styles.  Developing a devotional heart and principles of spiritual formation will be discussed throughout the course.  Effective musical worship leadership will be highlighted but will not be the primary focus of this course.  Recommended for those who anticipate leading worship or working with worship staff in some context.  

CM231AA Pastoral Counselling
An introduction to foundational skills related to effective pastoral counselling.  In addition to basic counselling and techniques, a variety of other topics such as the training, role, context, goals, resources, techniques, approaches, benefits, and limitations of pastoral counsellig are also discussed.  Additional topics such as the work of the Holy Spirit and the proper use and integration of religious reources such as prayer and sacred texts are also explored.  

CM240AA Beyond Suffering:  A Christian View of Disability Ministry
Examines disability issues from perspectives and seeks to establish a strong theological framework to answer this most difficult question, "How does God view disabilities?"  Seeks to embed this thinking within an anthropological theology.  

CM251AA The Local Church in Missions
An interactive study of the role of the local church in missions, both locally and globally.  Examines the place of a "missions program" in the age of the "missional church", and how global connections are fostered and promoted in a post-colonial era.  

CM284AA   Evangelism and Discipleship of Youth
An examination of the historical movement of relational youth evangelism, and consideration of what we can learn from those movements and strategies.  A holistic approach to conversion, discipleship, justice and cultrual evangelism will be conisdered an evaluated.  Communicating the message of the gospel for this present youth culture in a relational, relevant and respectful way will be emphasized.  This course will also consider how we train others to be part of God's mission in their context of local church or community youth ministry.  

CM285AA Critical Issues in Youth & Family Ministry I
A theorectical perspective on essential skills for the practice of faithful and effective youth and family ministry in the context of a local church or church agency.  The course is intended to augment the learning that takes place in a youth and family ministry co-op experience.  Special attention given to the practicioners's spiritual formation, self-awareness, and personal leadership skills.  Practical tools that can be passed on to others will be emphasized.  

CM286AA Critical Issues in Youth & Family Ministry II
How to effectively develop adult volunteers and student leaders encouraging a team approach to youth ministry. Current research into the lives of youth ministry practitioners in North America will be explored, and implications for healthy youth & family ministry will be emphasized. Also emphasized will be exploration of the critical issues influencing teenagers in Canada and exploring effective helping strategies. Students will undertake a significant research project and present their findings to their peers in class.

CM312BA Pastoral Skills
Presents the specific practices and skills of pastoral ministry; includes leading worship, preaching, conducting weddings, funerals, and communion. Explores models of church life and organization, and ministerial policies and procedures.

CM323AA Applied Counselling Skills (formerly Individual Counselling)
Examines the advanced development of skills required in psychotherapy. Students will explore topics such as the foundations of the therapeutic relations, client feedback, and personal and professional integrity. Furthermore, students will explore and, through use of in-class role-plays, practice the application of psychotherapeutic skills and theoretical frameworks.

CM324AA Relationship Counselling
An introduction to the theory and practice of marital and family therapy. A key aim of this course is to increase the student's understanding of the influence of families and relationships on the functioning of the individual. Emphasis will be placed on assessing risks, developing safety plans, providing appropriate follow-up, and referring and reporting to third parties as students learn how to maintain the safety of clients.

CM326AA Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Families
This course traces the foundations of marraige and biblical perspectives of divorce.  Intense emotional pain and the effects of divorce on men, women, and children will be explored.  Special attention will be given to the issues of remarriage and blended families.  Experiential learning in the process of small group projects will be incorporated.  

CM327AA Human Diversity 
Explores topics such as culture, ethnicity, religion, socio-ecomonic status, worldview, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation, and how various forms of diversity impact the practice and experience of both individual and group interventions.  The live experiences of both client and professional (e.g. psychotherapist, front-line agency worker, pastor, etc.) are also covered.  

CM328AA Therapeutic Use of Self
This course explores the topic of safe and effective use of self in the psychotherapeutic relationship. Students will examine the theory and practice of various techniques such as self-reflection, self-awareness, therapists' values and attitudes, self-care, personal experiences, and self-disclosure, and the impact these have on the therapeutic relationship.

CM332BA Preaching Skills I
An introduction to preaching with emphasis on the exposition of biblical texts, methods of outlining, choosing and using illustrations, and improving one's public speaking.  There will be opportunity to present several short messages in class for contructive criticism.  

CM332BA Preaching Skills II
The preparation and delivery of different styles and forms of sermons with emphasis on improving one's language and delivery, developing hermenuetical, homiletical and contextual strategies, and planning a preaching program.  Opportunity to present sermons in class for constructive criticism.  

CM380AA Grief and Crisis Counselling
An introduction to grief counselling and its role in the church and our society.  In a day of significant losses we will study basic concepts in caring for the grieving, looking at the process for children and adults, consider unresolved grief, and understand a biblical approach.  Grief will also be considered through critical events in our lives such as the death of a loved one, divorce, and injury.  

CM383AA Managing Ministries & Organizations
Introduces the tasks, strategies, and skills of effective leadership. Basic concepts essential to personal skills development and organizational leadership behaviour are included. Includes financial management leading meetings, managing volunteers, and hiring staff. Application is made to the ministry setting.

Note: The following courses may be applied for credit in Christian Ministries:
IS121AA Contemporary Evangelism
PS391AA/C Philosophy of Ministry
GS311AA Marriage and the Family


Intercultural Studies

A key emphasis of Emmanuel Bible College is the recognition that Christians are sent into the world as Christ was sent - to incarnate the gospel in ways that embrace God's delight in diversity. Across the street and around the world, cross-cultural skills are required to love our neighbours as ourselves.

IS121AA Contemporary Evangelism
An opportunity to rediscover why the gospel is good news. Emphasis is on twinning our love for God and a passion for people in a variety of methods and holistic ministry.

IS221AA Engaging Global Ministry
A practical study of issues and challenges presented by ministry in an international or intercultural settings.

IS258AA Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Examines the biblical rationale and imperative for world evangelization, the unique problems and skills involved in communicating the gospel cross-culturally, and the expansion of the Christian movement across the world.  

IS271AI Applied Missions
A short-term missions program of four or more weeks which includes significant cross-cultural interaction, ministry experience, and opportunity to observe intercultural workers in ministry. Students are expected to combine the practical experience with suitable preparation, observation, and reporting. (Note: Students register for this course through the Distance Education office.)

IS311AA Theology of Mission
Reviews the biblical basis for our participation in the God’s mission. Examines intercultural dynamics in both the Old and the New Testament.

IS353AA Wealth, Poverty, and the Suffering Church
A theological and practical study of the disproportionate distribution of wealth and its impact on the global church.

IS354AA Alternative Models of Ministry
An analysis of the worldwide development of houes churches, new nomastics, intentional Christian communities and church planting movements.  Local expressions such as MoveIn will be examined.  

IS355AA Non-Western Theology
Consideration of the perspectives and influence of selected writings from the growing church of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Prerequisite: Introduction to Theology

IS391AA Issues in Intercultural Ministry
A study of current issues and trends related to intercultural ministry.  

Also for credit in Missions:
CM251AA The Local Church in Missions
GH250AA History of Missions
GL250AA Cross-Cultural Communications
GR212AA New Religions
GR311AA World Religions
GS110AA Anthropology


Christian Education

Christian Education courses are designed to promote the acquisition of knowledge, positive attitudes and effective skills in the following areas: application of a biblical philosophy and basic principles of Christian Education, study and communication of the Word of God to various ages and special groups, and leadership of groups and Christian Education programs.

ED122AA   Children's Ministry I:  Creative Communication
This course focuses on the spiritual development of children, and creative ways to teach to various groups such as preschoolers, elementary age children, special needs children, volunteers and parents. Also discussed is effective use of curriculum, music, and teaching methods.

ED123AA Children's Ministry II:  Leadership
Leading a children's ministry in a local church requires leadership skills, planning and volunteer management skills. This course explores the many areas that a children's pastor or director will encounter, including volunteer recruitment and training, program structure and strategic planning. Also explored will be ways to improve the ministry through marketing and technology.

ED373AI Student Life Practicum
A summary of basic student development theory.  Opportunities to research, design and implement programs in Student Life at Emmanuel as agreed upon between the student and the instructor(s) will be the focus of the course content.  

ED391/2AI Issues in Christian Education
A study of an educational ministry topic of current importance.

Note: The following courses may be applied for credit in Christian Education:
CM110BA Introduction to Youth & Family Ministry
CM111AA Spiritual Formation
CM222BA Interpersonal & Helping Skills
GS212AA Group Dynamics
GS222AA Developmental Psychology
GS311AA Marriage and Family