Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

Diploma in Biblical Studies

Co-ordinator: Stephen Roy


Many individuals would like the advantage of a basic Bible College education but do not feel called to professional Christian service. This two-year program facilitates the development of their spiritual lives and the evaluation of life in terms of the Lordship of Christ. It allows a student to focus on biblical and theological studies as well as take courses in the other areas of the college curriculum.

All the credits earned in the diploma may be applied to the degree programs offered by the college. Students should be aware that specific course requirements differ between programs and so not all credits earned in the diploma may be applicable to a specific degree.


The student who completes the program should:

  1. Develop undergraduate skills in research and critical thinking
  2. Understand and explain the historic Christian faith
  3. Integrate their faith with academic study and cultural engagement


Career Path

Students graduating from this program go on to further education in a variety of colleges and universities, become more involved in ministry in their local church or church agencies, or move into other Emmanuel programs. Transfer credits to other schools are awarded at the discretion of the receiving institution.


  • Admission to and continuance in this program is at the discretion of the program co-ordinator and the college admissions committee. Supporting documents, including a completed program questionnaire and additional references, may be required.


Required Courses
Division Course Requirements Hours
Bible & Theology       Old Testament Survey 3
New Testament Survey 3
Bible Foundations 3
Bible Study Skills 3
Old Testament Elective 200 level 3
New Testament Elective 200 level 3
Introduction to Theology 3
Theology Elective 300 Level 3
General Studies   Ideas and Civilizations 3
Introduction to Communication 3
Psychology OR Anthropology OR Sociology 3
Ethics 3
General Studies Electives (x2) 6
Professional Studies   Personal Discipleship 3
Missional Discipleship
Professional Studies Electives (x2) 6
Free Elective Elective (x2) 6
Field Education  *Field Education and Ministry Preparation 1
Field Education (X 3) 3
  TOTAL 64

The program consists of 24 hours Bible & Theology, 18 hours General Studies, 12 hours Professional Studies, 6 hours Free Electives, and 4 Field Education credits.    

OSL Default Rate: 2014, 0.0%

Program Graduation Rate: 2016, 100%