B. Th. Christian Ministries (Community College Track)

Coordinator: Dr. Stephen Roy


This program receives students who have graduated from two year diploma programs in community colleges, or those who elect to insert a community college diploma into an Emmanuel degree, and offers them the opportunity to integrate community college studies into a degree emphasizing practical ministry and service. It is not an articulated program with any individual community college.  Please contact Admission Office for more updates.  



In addition to the objectives identified for the common first year MountainTop Certificate program, this program also enables students to begin to:

  1. Understand and articulate biblical and theological issues
  2. Integrate their community college studies with biblical and theological teaching
  3. Receive a broad understanding of Christian ministry and service opportunities
  4. Provide leadership in a variety of settings both inside and outside the church


Career Path

Students graduating from this program serve in Christian ministries and missions that need workers with training in the specialties contained in the student’s community college diploma. Further, they may find more general employment in church ministry, church agencies, and front-line people-helping, or continue on to positions based in the career training provided at the community college level. Some may go on to further studies in university or seminary. Transfer credits to other schools are awarded at the discretion of the receiving institution.


  • Admission to and continuance in this program is at the discretion of the program coordinator and the college admissions committee. Supporting documents, including a completed program questionnaire and additional references, may be required. 
  • This is not an articulated degree with the community college system or any community college and so the student will be responsible for all contacts with OSAP or the community college that relate to their studies in the community college system.
  • Admission to this program is subject to special review of student transcripts in order to assign appropriate transfer credit. Students seeking full transfer credit must have maintained a minimum A.G.P.A. of 2.5 in their community college program with no course transfer for a grade below “C” or equivalent


Division Course Requirements HRS
Bible & Theology Old Testament Survey 3
  New Testament Survey 3
  Bible Foundations 3
  Bible Study Skills 3
  Bible Electives OT & NT 200 level 6
  Bible Elective 300 level 3
  Introduction to Theology 3
  Theology Elective (x5) 15
General Studies

18 Transfer credit as assessed by Registrar.  Selection of remaining General Studies courses (if required) will be done in consultation with the program coordinator.  Normally, the following courses shall be taken at Emmanuel:


Introduction to Communication or Oral Communication 3
  Group Dynamics 
  Church History Survey 3
  Psychology OR Anthropology OR Sociology 3
  Ethics 3
  General Studies Elective 3
(Minimum 36)
Professional Studies 42 Transfer credit as assessed by Registrar.  Selection of remaining Professional Studies courses will be done in consultation with the program coordinator.  Normally, the following courses shall be taken at Emmanuel:
  Personal Discipleship 3
  Introduction to Leadership 3
  Contemporary Evangelism 3
(Minimum 51)
Field Education Field Education and Ministry Preparation 1
  Field Education (x1) 1
  Field Education in Christian Ministries (x2) 2
  TOTAL 130


The program consists of:

60 hrs. of transfer credits in General Studies and Professional Studies (combination determined by Registrar). Total program normally: 39 hrs. of Bible & Theology, 51 hrs. of Professional Studies, 36 hrs. of General Studies. 4 hrs. of Field Education.

These numbers may be adjusted following review of submitted transcripts.