B. Th. Human Services

Coordinator: Stephen Roy

Assisting Coordinator:  Mark Boughan


This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within helping ministry and social service settings.  Building upon the established elements of individual care and counselling found in the Emmanuel counselling studies program, this program adds breadth of studies, introduction to human services settings and precedure, and the development of personalized specializations in a wide range of possible care settings.  Emmanuel is currently developing a range of relationships with several organizations that will assist student in their application for a number of professional certifications following program completion.  



In addition to meeting the objectives identified for the common first year MountainTop Certificate program, this program also enables students to begin to:

  1. Understand and be able to function within a wide range of organizational types and settings including community-based or social service agencies, Christian care organizations, or specialized activities of the local and global Church.
  2. Identify and critically evaluate the major theories and techniques of individual and group intervention and their relevance to the helping professions.  
  3. Demonstrate effective assessment, planning and intervention skills with both general and special populations (such as the bereaved, the chemically dependant, developmentally delayed, etc.) and to display cultural sensitivity, multi-cultural awareness, and an understanding of diversity.  
  4. Develop a faith-based and integrated understanding of human societal needs that is founded in an understandinf of the concepts of grace and personal and social justice.  
  5. Create a personalized program of learning that leads to specialization in an area of human services.  


Career Path

Students graduating from this program find work in a variety of settings including community-based or social service agencies, Christian care organizations, or in specialized activities of the local and global Church.  Graduates may also go on to further education in a variety of colleges, universities, seminaries, and other education and training programs.  Transfer credits to other schools and programs are awarded at the discretion of the receving institution.  


  • Admission to and continuance in this program is at the discretion of the program co-ordinator and the college admissions committee. Supporting documents, including a completed program questionnaire and additional references, may be required.
  • As this is a new program, Emmanuel is currently developing a number of relationships with professional bodies and key organizations that should lead to a range of external professional certifications or their equivalents.  These will be announced as they are finalized.  


Required Courses
Division Course Requirements HRS
Bible & Theology        Old Testament Survey 3
New Testament Survey 3
Bible Foundations 3
Bible Study Skills 3
Old Testament Elective 200 level 3
New Testament Elective 200 level 3
Old or New Testament Elective 300 level (x2) 6
Introduction to Theology 3
Theology Elective 300 level (x2) 6
Theology Elective 300 or 400 level 3
General Studies         Ideas and Civilization 3
Psychology 3
Sociology OR Anthropology 3
Group Dynamics 
Introduction to Communication 3
Church History Survey 3
Cross-Cultural Communication 3
Theories of Counselling 3
Developmental Psychology 3
Family Dynamics 3
Professional Practice:  Ethics, Reporting, and Referral 3
General Studies Elective 200 or 300 level 3
Professional Studies
Personal Discipleship
Missional Discipleship 3
Interpersonal and Helping Skills 3
Oral Communication 3
Introduction to Leadership 3
Managing Ministries and Organizations
Philosophy of Ministry 3
Introduction to Human Services 3
Applied Counselling Skills 3
Human Diversity 3
Professional Studies Electives (x2) 6
Free Electives Elective (x 4) 12
Field Education   Field Education and Ministry Preparation 1
Field Education in Human Services (x 2) 2
Field Education (x3) 3
Internship 3
  TOTAL 129

The program consists of 36 hours Bible & Theology, 36 hours General Studies, 36 hours Professional Studies, 12 hours Free Electives, and 6 Field Education credits, and 3 Internship credits.

Students may use the free Electives to take one of the Concentrations listed under the BRE Professional Studies program

OSL Default Rate for all B.Th. programs: 2013, 0.0%.

Program Graduation Rate: 63.0%