Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

Course Listings

Note:  This is a listing of all courses offered by the college - Academic Catalogue.  To see current course offerings, please visit the Class Schedules page.

Understanding Course Codes

The course codes are the basis of EBC's computerized academic records and also give the student specific information. The letters at the beginning indicate the course's place within the various subdivisions of the curriculum as follows:

BO Bible: Old Testament  BN Bible: New Testament BI Bible (OT or NT)
BT Biblical Theology PS Professional Studies CM Christian Ministries
IS Intercultural Studies
ED Christian Education GA Arts
GH History GL Language / Communication GP Philosophy
GR Religion and Culture GK Sciences GS Social Science
FE Field Education IN Internship    

The first digit following the letters indicates the year in which the course is ideally taken as follows:

0 - First year or any Non-Degree/Diploma credit course on special topics
1 - First year; foundational and introductory material
2 - Second year; may be foundational or be based on foundational material
3 - Third year; designed for and leads to completion of a degree
4 - Fourth year; advanced courses in specialized areas requiring specific background.

The second and third digits have the function of grouping and ordering courses. An alphabetical letter following the numbers indicates that the course has been updated or succeeds a previous course with the same number, or may denote a variant of a broad course name. The second alphabetical letter, if "A", indicates the course is taught on campus; if "C" or "I", that it is a Distance Education course. Unless otherwise noted, all courses are worth three semester hours of academic credit.