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Register for DE

Registration Periods

Registration for DE courses (including on-line courses) is open for 5 weeks at the beginning of each DE semester.  DE semesters begin each year on August 1, December 1, and April 1.

  • If you are already a  user of the Emmanuel Populi course management software, please register on Populi during the Fall, Winter, or Summer registration periods. Your registration on line will trigger an email from the DE department with instructions about how to proceed. 
  • If you are a new student and NOT on the Populi system at Emmanuel, please complete an application form and submit it with payment, during one of the three registration periods.
  • For more information, contact or 519-894-8900 x256.

Time Frames

All of our 3-credit courses are expected to take approximately 90 hours of time for a student to complete, including studying and reading time. 

  • For the Summer 2017 semester, all of our regular DE courses are offered on a 4-month time frame.  Suggested due dates are given but the schedule is flexible within the four months.  You can make it work around your other commitments.
  • Please note that in some syllabi, restrictions are given on the amount of work that can be submitted in any two-week period.  Be sure to read your syllabus carefully as you plan your schedule.  
  • Online courses - Course work is completed in an 8- to 10-week time frame according to a schedule of activities delivered online.  You should budget about 11-12 hours per week on average during the three months of course work.