Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

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About Field Education

This department is comprised of Field Education Placements, Internships and Co-operative Education - three approaches to learning by practice, reflection, evaluation, and mentoring.  This form of learning is highly effective and contributes greatly to spiritual development, competency, and employability.  The practical ministry experience of Field Education is a vital component of our overall training.


Field Education assists in preparing students to:

  1. Apply academic learning in supervised situations, identifying areas of challenge when theory is practically applied in ministry 
  2. Be mentored by others who are experienced in ministry 
  3. Develop practical transferable skills such as time-management, goal setting, evaluation, reporting, and accountability
  4. Discover and develop their character, gifts, abilities, and skills in ministry 
  5. Explore possible ministry/career options, networking with current workers in the field, and be discerning God’s call in their lives  

Full-time students normally have Field Education placements each semester unless the pace of the program is reduced, requirements have been met, or a summer experience is being substituted.* The first Field Education credit students take is FE100AA/AC offered in-class in the Fall Semester and by Distance Education. After students have completed the course, in consultation with the Director, they choose their Field Education Placements, Internship or Co-op assignment based on the specific guidelines of their programs/concentrations as well as the students’ gifting and interests.

Current Field Education and ministry opportunities for students are advertised here.

Field Education Placements

Field Education Placements are supervised, evaluated experiences in some area of church ministry, ministry organization work, community service, or college ministry assignment. Each experience involves a commitment of three to six hours per week, ministry reports, and supervisor and self-evaluations. As students progress through the levels of our Field Education program, they are expected to illustrate growth in several fundamental pre-identified learning areas. Students are encouraged to utilize their Field Education credits to broaden their own personal experiences.

Internships and Co-ops

Internships and Co-ops are intensive Field Education experiences in the student’s field of study, designed to integrate strongly the use of knowledge, attitudes, tasks, and skills learned in the classroom. As this is a requirement of only some programs, all students have the option to complete an elective Internship or Co-op in place of one free elective course. Students must successfully complete all Field Education credits before an Internship or Co-op can begin.

Field Supervision

Field supervision is an important element of all these experiences. Supervisors meet with their student workers weekly to discuss performance, give advice, and provide a graded evaluation at the end of the experience. For supervisors or organizations wishing to advertise a Field Education Placement, Internship, or Co-op opportunity, please click here. The Field Education Fair is held the first week of classes, every fall. For organizations/supervisors wishing to participate, please contact the Field Education Department for more details. Each summer, the FE Fair registration form will be available at the top of this page. For those wishing to participate, each year the completed registration form must be submitted to the Registrar's office no later than the last day of August. 

Previous Ministry Experience

Students with significant ministry involvement prior to attending Emmanuel may qualify for Advanced Standing credits. These credits can be applied to a program when Year One has been completed. Applications are accepted after the student has completed FE100AA/AC, where further details about the qualifications and application process are explained.

More Information

For more information on our Field Education program, please review our Field Education Guide. Questions? Email

*Please note: If a program student completes 15 academic courses without completing a Field Education credit, when Field Education credits remain to be done, that student will not be permitted to register for further courses unless he/she also registers for or completes a Field Education unit. The Academinc Dean together with the Assistant Academic Dean & Registrar are empowered, after careful consultation, to refuse, or to limit, registration for further academic courses for students who are seriously behind in their Field Education credits until requirements are up-to-date.