Admission Requirements

Emmanuel utilizes a two-step admissions process which provides the student with a solid, foundational year in the MountainTop Certififcate program at the college prior to entering a diploma or degree program:

1. Admission to the college for a common first year (Year One) into our MountinTop Certitifcate program
2. Admission to a specififc program following successful completion of Year One

When a student applies to the college, the 'Anticipated Program' will be identified. Upon successful completion of the first year, the student may apply to the Anticipated Program. For example: If you plan to enter the Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) Youth & Family Ministry program, you will indicate that as your Anticipated Program on your application. Upon completion on your first year of studies (Year One) in the MountinTop Certificate program, you will request admissions to the B. Th. and, if admitted, all of your compleed courses from Year One will be applied toward the requirements of that degree program when you begin your second year. 

To apply to Emmanuel, students must have a high school graduation diploma (OSSD in Ontario, or its equivalent from another province or country) with a minimum average of 60%. Students must also have a minimum of 60% in either ENG4U, ENG4M or ENG4C.

Applicants not meeting these requirements may be considered for admission under other categories.