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About Emmanuel

Emmanuel offers undergraduate or bachelor's-level ministry training, in contrast to seminaries that offer graduate or master's-level training following a university degree. We believe that this model of training to be optimal, standing partway between seminaries on one hand and schools of ministry on the other.

The ministry training programs are a blend of:

  • Bible & Theology courses (a major)
  • General Studies (general arts courses that expose the student to broad liberal arts learning)
  • Professional courses that provide skills in one or two areas of ministry
  • Field Education placements, internships, and Cooperative Education which are mentored, evaluated, learning-by-practicing ministry experiences, all within an ethos of spiritual and personal formation

Emmanuel graduates usually receive very good transfer credit to universities. A three-year degree recipient may be granted up to or a little more than one-and-a-half years of transfer. Some transfer may be provided to community college programs depending on the student’s specialization and the policies of individual colleges. Transferring students have all the benefits of biblical, theological, professional and general arts studies so that they are well positioned to integrate faith with subsequent professional studies. This added strength makes Christian professionals especially effective servants of Christ in a world that is unaware of its deep need for Him. 

Educational Philosophy

We value the development of character, knowledge, and skills necessary to become effective disciples and leaders of the faith in the church and in the world. At Emmanuel, we have organized ourselves according to the belief that true disciples are those trained to serve with their heads (knowledge), hearts (being), and hands (doing).

1. Biblical and Volcational Education - Knowing
2. Development of the Whole erson - Being
3. Ministry, Service, and Outreach - Doing 

College Life

Starting college is a huge milestone. It’s marked with excitement, independence, uncertainty, and lots of questions. At Emmanuel not only do we challenge students academically, but we also encourage them to grow in their relationships with God, their family and friends, and fellow students. Check out these resources on life after high school and what to expect once you start college.

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Emmanuel is located in an active urban environment in the city of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. With two well-known universities, a community college, and a Bible College, there are many services, housing options, and businesses geared towards students. We are also located directly on a bus route that connects Kitchener with neighbouring cities, as well as the city itself. 

  • City of Kitchener population 233,700
  • Region of Waterloo population (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the surrounding area) 563,000
  • Emmanuel Bible College is located in the heart of southwestern Ontario, close to many cities and attractions.
    • Toronto, ON   100 km
    • London, ON   110 km
    • Niagara Falls, ON   145 km
    • Buffalo, New York, USA  108 mi/175 km
    • Detroit, Michigan, USA   179 mi/288 km

Fast Facts About Emmanuel

Student Enrolment: 100 – 120
Denominations Represented On-Campus: 27
Average Class Size: 16
Student to Faculty Ratio: 8:1
Male to Female Ratio: 40/60
Employment Rate After Graduation: 88.1%