Refund Policy

EBC allows students to withdraw from courses after they have registered. However, they will be charged an administration fee. Refunds are calculated on a percentage basis, in accordance with guidelines established by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, based on the proportion of the course(s) completed. *Students who receive OSAP funding and withdraw from a course, will be reassessed by OSAP and any refund will be issued to the National Student Loans Centre. Below is a schedule showing the refund owing proportional to the total:

Refund Factors for Each Semester

  • Week 1 100.00%
  • Week 2 90.90%
  • Week 3 81.80%
  • Week 4 72.70%
  • Week 5 63.60%
  • Week 6 54.60%
  • Week 7 45.50%
  •  Week 8 36.70%
  •  Week 9 27.20%
  •  Week 10 18.10%
  •  Week 11 9.10%
  •  Week 12 0%


Withdrawal From Residence

No refunds for room costs are given.  A pro-rated refund for food costs – 1/3 of the cost per week – will be issued to a student with certified medical evidence that the student is unable to live in the EBC residence for a minimum of two weeks. To receive this refund the student (or student’s guardian if the student is under 18 or medically unable to provide the written request) must make a written request to the Dean of Students. Students are eligible to withdraw from the residence between the Fall and Winter semesters if they have given 30 days notice in writing to the Dean of Students and if they fit into one of the following categories:

  • medical certification they are not able to live in the residence
  • getting married during the following semester
  • will no longer be a student at Emmanuel Bible College

In such a situation the student will not be required to pay room or food costs for the Winter semester. 

Any other requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Associate Dean of Students prior to September 1st of the given year.