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May 7, 2014—The EMCC commits $250,000 to Emmanuel Bible College

EMCC President Phil Delsaut & EBC President Dr. Mark BoughanThe Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada has announced that Emmanuel (as well as its sister college, Rocky Mountain College) has received a gift of $250,000 in support of the college’s commitment to the significant changes that are being made to the way they are delivering Christian education and training. These changes have been developed in response to a shift in Christian higher education that is taking place in Canada.

The announcement was made during the annual EMCC Regional Gathering in Kitchener, ON, and in a recent news release the EMCC commented:

“When the EMCC Board of Directors met recently, they recognized the good work that the colleges are doing to remain innovative and effective. The Board made a unanimous decision to commit $250,000 to each college to affirm and assist their forward moving initiatives.”

EMCC President Phil Delsaut further commented:

“We are thankful for the contributions that both RMC and EBC have made to the kingdom over the last number of decades. The heritage of preparing leaders is rich. We are living in challenging times and the need to prepare men and women to meet these challenges has never been greater. We have two schools that are taking the risks that are necessary to make the changes that are essential. We want to bless them as they go forward.”

“We are thrilled”, said Emmanuel President Dr. Mark Boughan, “to have the EMCC reaffirm its longstanding commitment to the discipling and training of leaders at Emmanuel. As we honour the past, and prepare for the future, such confidence in the new vision and directions for the college is a deep blessing. We thank the Board, and Phil [Delsaut], and the churches and people of the EMCC for this openness and generosity.”

Since 1940, Emmanuel Bible College has provided undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates at the post-secondary level. Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world. Emmanuel is located in the urban city of Kitchener, Ontario. Each year nearly 200 people, from over 30 Christian denominations take courses and participate in seminars and training on our campus. Over 2000+ Alumni serve in every area of the workforce, all over the world.