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November 18, 2016—New addictions counselling program blends faith with training

Emmanuel Bible College will launch a new certified training program in addictions counselling in February 2017 – the only program of its kind to be offered by a Christian institution in Canada.

 Dr. Janice Dinsmore Czechowsky, a certified addictions counsellor and one of the program instructors, says that providing a faith-based addictions counselling program will help Christian counsellors address the spiritual dimension of addiction. Methods traditionally used in addictions counselling often leave this dimension unaddressed.

“Recovery from life-controlling addictions requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses all aspects of life: physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual,” says Dr. Dinsmore Czechowsky. “The spiritual dimension gets ‘left at the curb’ and is not addressed. For me, this is the most important dimension . . . who we are in Christ.”

If a counsellor’s training is not blended with their faith during the training process it can be difficult for them to intertwine it in practice, says Dr. Dinsmore Czechowsky. A faith-based training program provides the foundation needed to successfully blend the two.

The addictions counselling program includes eight teaching modules scheduled over an 18-month period and will address how topics such as crisis response, intervention, human development, grief, violence and abuse relate to addiction.

The new program was developed in partnership with ACT Associates of Waterloo, Ontario and is approved by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF). Graduates will receive a Professional Studies Certificate in Addictions Counselling and will be able to pursue certification as a Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor with the CACCF.

“I can hardly wait to meet the individuals that God has ordained will be in this program, observe how they grow and celebrate how God plans to use them for His Kingdom,” says Dr. Dinsmore Czechowsky.

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