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Core Projects Intern

Location: Hamilton

Job Information

Category: Internship
Start Date: September 5th, 2017
Employment: Full time
Travelling: Some Travel
Openings: 1


Education: Other
Experience: years
Required Skills:
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Intermediate computer skills
  • Excellent customer service skills

Job Description

The Core Projects Intern will assist with Core Projects, these include Summer to Remember, Gift of Christmas, Operation Birthday Child, and other Community Initiatives. He/she will also have responsibilities during the CityKidz Saturday Program, on Saturdays. This placement is an eight month placement beginning in September 2017. A min. of 181 hours will be completed by the intern during this placement In particular, he/she will be expected to work Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. Any exceptions to normal working hours may be arranged ahead of time with the Coordinator of Core Projects or the Manager of Programs.


1. Core Projects Communications This Intern will assist the Coordinator of Core Projects with communicating details to the staff and participants on a daily basis. 2. Summer to Remember Planning This individual will assist with any administrative tasks. The list of tasks includes preparing all necessary Summer to Remember Camp forms. 4. Operation Birthday Child Planning and Supervision This Intern will organize the monthly birthdays for CityKidz and KinderKidz. Responsibilities include organizing gifts, rosters, bracelets, and birthday treats on the Birthday Saturday. The Intern will oversee the Birthday Room at the CityKidz theatre the week of a Birthday Saturday. This Intern will also report birthday numbers to the Coordinator of Core Projects after each Birthday Saturday. 5. Gift Of Christmas Assistance This Intern will be responsible for assisting the inventory of the toys and sorting toys based on various categories. He/She will also be responsible for rejecting toys that are donated if they are in poor condition or if they contain inappropriate content. This Intern will also be assisting in any administrative tasks regarding Gift of Christmas that will be assigned by the Coordinator of Core Projects and/or the Program department. 6. Saturday Program Support The Core Projects Intern will be cross-trained for rotating responsibilities during the Saturday Core Programs. Specific Saturday responsibilities will be assigned and scheduled by the Manager of Programs. These duties may include: participant supervision, providing assistance to the volunteer support staff, managing any behavioural issues from the participants and escalating to the Manager of Operations if necessary, managing any emergencies and escalating to the Manager of Operations if necessary, and responding to requests or inquiries from participants in the programs. 7. Other The Core Projects Intern will do other tasks as may, from time to time, be assigned to him/her by the Manager of Programs (assist with KinderKidz tagging).



Contact Information

Name: Nadia Pett