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Nehemiah Center

Internship with the Church Strengthening Program of the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua

Location: Managua, Nicaragua

Job Information

Category: Internship
Start Date: May 1st, 2018
Employment: Volunteer
Travelling: Some Travel
Openings: 1


Education: High School
Experience: 1 years
Required Skills:
  • Spanish
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Team-work

Job Description

God is working in the church and through ministry leaders in Nicaragua! As an intern with the Church Strengthening team of the Nehemiah Center, you will experience and explore how Nicaraguan churches have embraced ‘misión integral’ (holistic mission) and how this has shaped their witness and worship.


1) Interview leaders of the Church Strengthening Team to learn about the Nicaraguan church and how the NC is strengthening local churches in ‘mision integral.’ 2) Interview 3-5 local pastors about their life, theology and practice of ‘mision integral.’ 3) Read The Local Church, Agent of Transformation by Latin American theologian C. Rene Padilla, 4) Accompany Hultner Estrada and the Church Strengthening team in facilitating workshops and visiting church leaders. 5) Prepare and lead one Monday morning devotional at the NC via translator. 6) Participate in the church services of a local church. 7) Learn about NC’s Church Friendship Program by visiting the churches involved.



Contact Information

Name: Josiah Bokma