Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

Welcome to Emmanuel!

The Student Services team at Emmanuel is committed to fostering an environment of intentional, Christ-centred community. As students live out their faith daily, they grow in their understanding of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. Our hope is that students will identify their gifts, strengths and weaknesses, learn how to resolve conflicts, and how to manage their time, and most of all they will learn what it means to love one another. The safety and intimacy of Emmanuel's community make it the perfect place to explore the big questions of life, as well as to develop socially.

Our goal is that by the time a student leaves Emmanuel they will bring their experience of loving community into every relationship God brings into their life. In every way, we aim to encourage students to become followers of Christ who think, live, serve and lead in the Church and the world.

Each of us is a complex blend of several components: intellect, will, emotions, physical experience and social interaction. Through the creative process God included each of these dynamics in all humans. Student Services exists to engage each of these components in ways that students can develop holistically, not overworking one at the expense of another.

The Student Services Department serves Emmanuel in several ways, providing informal spiritual and personal counselling and referrals, basic career advice, and advocacy for students in a variety of venues. The Student Services Department provides an annual student agenda which includes the Emmanuel Student Handbook. The Handbook provides much of the information that students need to better understand and succeed at Emmanuel.

Student Life Staff

Mark Walther: Chief Student Development Officer

TBA Residence Director 

Catherine Unrau Woelk: Campus Counsellor

Dan Jennings: Campus Counsellor


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