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Counselling Services

Life is a journey, and sometimes the path we walk brings us times that we cannot deal with alone.  Other times we want someone to share with when we cross major hurdles that get in our way.  At Emmanuel Bible College, qualified professional counsellors are available to meet with students at no cost.

Counselling services are provided to assist in the development of awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems you may have experienced or are currently experiencing, and to help you grow and develop as an individual, as well as to enjoy your time at Emmanuel Bible College.  


The following people are available to book appointments with:

To contact our counsellors, please send e-mail to the address above. 

They are also invaluable resources in locating off campus support.

Once you have made an appointment you will meet the Counsellor in Student Services (Sherk 103).

Note: EBC provides counselling at no cost to the student. However, with this service we want to promote good stewardship. Any student who misses a session with no notice to the counsellor may be billed $30 to their account. Cancellations are acceptable with 24 hours notice, or in the case of a medical emergency. Students are also limited to the number of sessions they can receive over the course of  a semester and the year.