Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of the Student Council, Chapel Team Leaders, Ministry Team Leaders, and Resident Advisors. The team has been given the responsibility of partnering with staff, faculty, and the board in the fulfillment of the mission of the College. 

Early in the winter semester, students are invited to apply for positions on the Student Leadership Team.

The process is different for each of the positions available.  Information is made available with applications on requirements and process.

Student Council

Student Council is responsible for representation of the Student Body. Primarily, the Student Council is concerned with advocacy, and is the voice of the students to administration. It ensures that student needs are being met, and that issues affecting students are raised and addressed. They are also responsible for distributing Student Council funds to the various committees. The Student Council Executive consists of a President, Vice-President, Administrative/Finance Officer.

Student Council committees include: Campus Ministries, Missions, Publications, Recreation, Commuters, Special Events, and Regional Ministries.

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Residence Advisors

Resident Advisors are student leaders who live in the residence halls. They are assigned a floor and are responsible to get to know their students, provide holistic programming and opportunities for learning and growing relationships. They provide early intervention in student issues, and seek to foster a safe environment for students to learn, grow, and change.

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Ministry Team Leaders

These leaders are responsible for the student teams on which they serve. They help select team members and design the programming.  Currently, we have Infusion, a youth team, and Mosaic, a spoken word team. 

This year we hope to run an Infusion team.  For more information on joining a Ministry Team, contact Mark Walther, Chief Student Development Officer, at or 519-894-8900 ext.236


Chapel Team Leaders

Chapel Team leaders are responsible to help organize and lead worship during chapel. Teams are formed at the beginning of the year from interested students who audition.  Chapel runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:25am - 12:20pm during the semester.  For more information on being a part of a Chapel team, contact Mark Walther at

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