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Student Council

Student Council is responsible for representation of the Student Body. The Executive Board is primarily concerned with advocacy, and is the voice of the students to administration. They ensure that student needs are being met, and that issues affecting students are raised, and addressed. They are also responsible for distributing Student Council Funds to the various committees. The Executive Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Administrative officer and Finance Officer.  Other positions include: Social Concerns, Encouragement, Missions Task Force, Spiritual Life, Student Publications, Recreation, and Special Events committee heads.

Contact Student Council

If you need to contact a member of Student Council, you can e-mail them at or by calling 519-894-8900 x 244. The executive members are the only council members required to hold office hours, however individual committee members may choose to hold office hours.

Office hours for the current semester can be found posted on the Student Council Office door in the Sherk Education Centre.

2017-2018 Student Council Members

President:  Caitlyn Bond

Vice President:  Alec Timm

Administrative/Finance Officer:  Kiersten McLeod

Campus Ministries:  Zack Thornton

Commuter Representative: TBA

Regional Ministries: Josh Bowlby

Recreation Coordinator: Stephen DiPietro

Global Missions: TBA

Special Events: Lindsay Stolte

Student Council Positions

Are you are interested in serving on a Student Council committee? Take some time to check out the committees available and email the committee chair of your intent. They will be happy to contact you and inform you of upcoming meetings.  Summaries of the positions can be found below.  For more detailed job descriptions, download the current Student Council Constitution.