Through academic training and hands-on ministry service, Emmanuel prepares Christ followers who are committed to making a difference in their world.

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Emmanuel Bible College is committed to preparing women and men for a life of ministry. Although tuition covers about 53% of our expenses, we trust in God's providence and support from churches and individuals to cover the remaining 47%. As a private college we do not receive government funding.

Whether you'd like to make a donation today or consider Emmanuel Bible College in your estate planning, your gift will go directly to empowering the future generation of Christian leaders.

Please note: Beginning January 1st, 2014, Emmanuel will be sending tax receipts for donations annually. This replaces the former practice of receipting each individual gift. The change will save costs for Emmanuel and allow us to put those savings toward the ministry of the College. If you would prefer a tax receipt per donation you may do so by request. Thank your for your support of Emmanuel Bible College. 

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Important Facts about Charitable Donations in Canada:

  • In any given year during your lifetime, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada) allows you to donate up to 75% of net income to charity. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, your gift will generate a tax credit of 39% to 46%.
  • Donations made in any given year can be claimed in any of the five following years.
  • Either spouse can claim a tax credit for their charitable donations.